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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Below are some comments from satisfied clients.

I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a massage session with the exceptionally skilled Sheila Clifford, and I cannot commend her expertise enough. I was initially uncertain about what to expect, having had numerous lackluster massage experiences in the past. However, from the outset, it became evident that Sheila was about to redefine my expectations and provide a massage experience that felt like finding a true haven.

Sheila's warm and inviting demeanor immediately dissolved any reservations I had, establishing a comforting ambiance that elevated the entire session. What truly distinguishes her is the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized massage—an unparalleled quality that sets her apart from every other masseuse I've encountered throughout my life. Prior to commencing the session, Sheila took the time to discuss any specific concerns, customizing the massage to precisely address my individual needs.

Sheila's proficiency in various massage techniques shone through as she seamlessly wove together elements of Swedish, deep tissue, and other distinctive approaches, leaving me with a sense of rejuvenation and revitalization that exceeded any prior experiences.

However, what resonated with me most was Sheila's authentic passion for her craft. It's evident that she not only possesses exceptional technical skills but also a profound understanding of the therapeutic benefits of massage. Throughout the session, she maintained a level of professionalism that not only attended to my physical well-being but also provided emotional support.
I am unequivocally committed to remaining a client of Sheila's until the day she retires. The thought of that day brings a tinge of sadness, as the world will lose a truly gifted individual.

Thank you, Sheila, for your exceptional care DL, 12/2023


Miss Sheila Clifford, LMT is gifted woman who has chosen to fully immerse herself in her profession. From the second I found myself in her office I knew I was in the right place. Her knowledge of the human body was astounding and comforting. Her strong touch can be dialed in to the necessities of what your body can tolerate. On many an occasion she would check in with me to see where my toleration level was at and if it were anything over a 7 she would back off a little bit to make it "just right". She has the composed power for the dainty and the rugged and the worldliness to bring it all together for the best massage of my life. To be fair I REALLY needed it but I've also received many an amazing massage in my day and like I said this was THE BEST! She is amazing with her hands and she has a gift to give you if you are willing to receive. This woman has dedicated her life to this, let her heal you! 

                                 Love and Gratitude,

I first visited Sheila over two years ago for some muscle pain and soreness. She targeted the areas of concern only to discover through her methodologies, deeper imbedded problems. As the months went by, she helped me achieve pain free living, more flexibility and better recovery time for when I do something stupid. She has given me a batch of homework for each night to help me stay flexible on a daily basis. Now my visits have become more relaxing, less painful, and most knots run away when they see her. Sheila is skilled in her craft and will get results if you work with her .  She is not a "spa lady". You see her when you have problems and need results.

Jeff, Manchester, NH



 Caring, Expert, Passionate, Warm... these are words that come to mind about my massage therapist, Sheila Clifford. I have been a client for 3 years prompted by recurring pain in my arm and wrist, undoubtedly due to 20+ years on the keyboard. Sheila takes her work very seriously and is not satisfied with temporary fixes to recurring problems. Her goal is always to uncover the root. Her expertise helped me to understand and change underlying behaviors in posture and guided me to doctors who discovered disk damage, which has enabled me take precautions now to avoid more serious complications down the road. For anyone who spends a lot of time on a keyboard, I would highly recommend deep tissue therapy for your neck and back, because keyboards put so many unnatural strains on our bodies. Take that first step to visit Sheila and find out more for yourself. You will be engaging the help of a top pro in deep tissue massage, who is always learning about and adopting the latest techniques. If you are on the keyboard to earn your living, you owe yourself this gift, so that you can do it for many years to come.

Cathy, Bedford, NH



I started seeing Sheila Clifford in October of 2007 after several months of being dizzy and having chronic headaches. My doctor was in the process of arranging for an MRI when I decided to try Massage Therapy. I was very happy that I took this route. Sheila did an exceptional job on addressing my issues. I now see Sheila on a regular basis and I am virtually symptom free.

I am always amazed how in-tune Sheila is to my condition. She can often find problem areas before I even mention them to her. Sheila has not only helped with neck pain and headaches, but she has also helped me address my sciatica and leg pain while I was training for the Boston Marathon.

Sheila is not only a great therapeutic massage therapist, but she is also fabulous for relaxation massage. As a busy working Mom, I look very forward to my sessions with Sheila. Sheila's expertise as a therapist and kindness/genuineness as a person make for an amazing experience for the body and mind. I have recommended her to many people and only heard rave reviews.

Linda, Bedford, NH

I first visited Sheila about four years ago for very bad neck pain and mild low back pain. I was throughly impressed with her knowledge and skills. My first visit was unbelievable. I was sold on seeing her after that. I refuse to see anyone else. She has the ability to find the knots in my neck and back and they just melt under her expert hands. B.K. Manchester, NH